Taylor St and Roosevelt Bridges Section 2013-012R Bridge Rehabilitation

Chicago, IL

  • ≈7,500 SF of Earth Retention

At the Taylor Street Bridge over I-90, the bridge was being removed and replaced.  To facilitate bridge replacement and Earth Retention System was constructed around each abutment to allow for the new abutment to be built while the existing stayed in service.  This project required a 20-foot cut in very soft ground.  Due to these parameters, two levels of bracing were required.  In total we had to install four struts and four rakers to allow for excavation to allow for excavation to 20-foot below grade.  However, we were able to economize the design by using the existing abutment as a deadman system for our rakers.

Once the Stage 1 construction was completed along the west-bound abutment, Stage 2 sheeting was installed around the east-bound abutment and a similar bracing and raker system was designed.  Running off of the Stage 2 sheeting and immediately south an additional sheeting wall was installed.  The excavation in this area was to be completed prior to the Stage 2 excavation to allow for the removal of an existing retaining wall.  Upon completing the removal of the existing retaining wall the Stage 2 excavation can occur and Stage 2 bracing put in place.  In addition to these systems Stalworth was also responsible for lagging between caissons for the new retaining wall to be built. 


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