Round Lake High School

Round Lake, IL

  • 1,400 SF of Earth Retention
  • 4 Underpinning Piles

Additions and renovations to an existing building were being added to the existing high school. For these additions Stalworth Underground was contracted to provide an Earth Retention System that would support the existing building while excavation was being performed immediately next to it. The system needed to ensure the existing footing would not be undermined by the excavation required for the new construction. One of the challenges on this project was that the new structure was to be very close to the existing building.  Consequently we had to design specific members that would not interfere with the new building – that is, our earth retention system needed to be less than 2’ wide. In order to minimize vibrations to the existing building and avoid intruding into the wall of the new building we designed and installed a drilled solider pile and lagging wall.

For the renovation part of the project, we installed 4 helical piles to underpin footings where the existing building had settled. To install the underpinning piles, an area was excavated to the bottom of the existing footing and then we needed to hand dig below to install the underpinning bracket. From there we were able to begin pushing piles into the ground to provide additional support to the footing. This was our company’s first underpinning job and it went as smoothly as planned!


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