NW Bridge House of the Madison Street Bridge

Chicago, IL

  • 3 Driven Bearing Piles
  • 3 Support Brackets
  • 1 Double Channel Waler with 1-3/4" Grade 150 Threadbar

Stalworth Underground worked closely with the F.H. Paschen JOC division and CDOT bridges to prevent the Northwest Bridge House at the Madison Street Bridge from sinking any further into the Chicago River.  The original bridge house was constructed about 100 years ago and is supported by wood piles.  The wood piles at the water line were deteriorated and failing causing the bridge house to settle.  Settlement readings as high as 5” were recorded.

Stalworth Underground and F.H. Paschen mobilized a 75-ton telescopic crawler crane (TCC), an ICE 4450 suspended vibratory hammer, SL 30 hydraulic impact hammer and a floating work platform to install three 80-foot long HP12x53 piles with underpinning brackets to prevent any further settlement until a permanent repair could be designed.  CDOT gave permission to setup the TCC on the West approach span of the bridge.  This crane then drove 3 piles immediately adjacent to the structure face, two on the North face- one on the East face, and then hoisted 3 support brackets to transfer the load from the failing wood piles to the H-Piles seated into the Chicago Hardpan layers approximately 60’ below the river level.  The pile capacity was verified using a hydraulic impact hammer with a specified number of blows/inch of driving required.

Stalworth Underground also installed support beams to stabilize the existing stone cladding during the driving operations.  This structure is considered historic and the goal was to save as much of the original masonry pieces as possible.

All of this work was performed in one Saturday while leaving the river open to traffic and maintaining one lane of traffic Westbound on Madison Street.