ISTHA Contract 5679 & 5680: I-90 Retaining Walls Mt. Prospect Rd. to Lee St., Grading, Drainage and Wall Construction

Des Plaines, Rosemont, IL

  • 7,300 LF of H-Pile
  • 12,700 SF of Temporary Earth Retention System
  • 51,000 SF of Permanent Soldier Pile Wall and Lagging
  • 18,000 SF of Temporary Soil Nail Walls
  • 48,500 SF of Permanent Soil Nail Walls
  • 415 Permanenet Tieback Anchors

Both contracts 5679 and 5680 were constructed and completed practically simultaneously.  The goal of both projects was for the widening of the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway and ran from Mt. Prospect Road to Higgins Road. 

For contract 5679 we designed, furnished and installed two permanent retaining walls in the form of hybrid walls.  This system would combine a soil nail wall with an MSE wall sitting on top of it.  This was the first time that this method was used in Illinois and it presented a great advantage, such as reducing the volume of soil to be removed and replaced, as well as considerably reducing the area of the temporary earth retention systems needed behind the MSE straps to support the shoulder and the exposed area of the end walls. Using a welded wire wall we installed the temporary end walls.  We also constructed four temporary earth retention systems, two of which were soldier pile and lagging walls and the other two were sheet pile walls.  This contract also consisted of us driving H-Piles for six sign foundations.

Work on contract 5679and 5680 would go through the winter which would prove a challenge when applying shotcrete.  To counter this, blankets were used to protect the walls before and after we sprayed them.

Contract 5680 consisted of six permanent retaining walls which we also designed, furnished and installed in the form of hybrid walls.  For the end walls of this project a soldier pile and lagging wall was used for some, while others were completed as welded wire walls. Three permanent soldier pile retaining walls with one and two levels of anchors were also installed. Also, H-Piles  were driven for eight sign foundations.

After completing these contracts we were awarded the ISTHA 4212 contract where further extensions would be added to the permanent retaining wall.