ISTHA 4212 I-90 EB Roadway and Bridge Reconstruction and Widening

Des Plaines / Rosemont, IL

  • 1,735 LF of Driven Metal Shell Piles (12"x0.25")
  • 15,778 LF of Driven H-Piles
  • 43 Caissons (1,020 CY)
  • 9,800 SF of Permanent Sheet Pile Wall
  • 17,000 SF of Temp. Earth Retention Systems (Soldier Pile Walls and Temporary Soil Nails)
  • 4,500 SF of Permanent Soil Nail Walls
  • 636 SF of Permanent Drilled Soldier Piles

The widening of the east-bound I-90 from Mannheim Road to the Kennedy Expressway (MP 76.6 to MP 78.9) was divided into two stages.  We were awarded with the construction of the foundation for the three bridges, Mannheim Road Bridge, Wisconsin Central Rail Road Bridge and the Higgins Road Bridge, which I-90 crosses. For the approach bents and abutments, driven H-Piles as well as metal shell piles, were used. For the piers, we installed 4’-0” diameter caissons down to the hard pan.  Also, two foundations to support signs were installed using driven H-Piles for the footing.

In order to excavate to grade for the installation of the MSE walls around the abutments, a temporary earth retention system at each bridge was designed and installed.  These temporary earth retention systems were mainly a cantilevered driven soldier pile and lagging wall and a cantilevered sheet pile wall.  Due to the low clearance at the stage/center line of I-90 we installed a temporary soil nail wall.

In addition, as part of our scope, we extended the existing permanent retaining walls by adding on 4,500 SF of permanent soil nail walls. We had installed these walls last year in conjunction with F.H. Paschen for contract ISTHA 5679.  The existing walls, as well as our new soil nail wall, are performance based ‘Hybrid Wall’ systems.  This method consists of combining a soil nail wall with an MSE (Mechanically Stabilized Earth) wall.  There are several advantages of this system, especially on the volume of excavation/fill material needed compared to a full MSE wall.

Lastly, we also installed and connected a 9,800 SF permanent sheet pile wall with a 95 WF permanent soldier pile and lagging wall creating a toe to improve the global stability of the permanent retaining hybrid wall.  This project allowed Stalworth to showcase our diversity and ability to tackle all types of soil retention for a project.