Fletcher Jones Audi North Avenue

Chicago, IL

  • 9,500 SF of Permanent Sheetpile
  • One level of Bracing
  • 26 Caissons

At this project Stalworth was contracted to provide the caisson foundation and a design/build earth retention system for a new Audi dealership adjacent to the Kennedy Expressway on North Avenue.  The four story building includes a 15 foot deep basement garage, as well as two 21 foot deep elevator pits.  Our sheet pile retaining wall was installed to precise tolerances utilizing the ABI Mobileram so that it could be integrated into the permanent basement wall. 675 WF of sheeting was installed around the perimeter, and included one level of bracing.  Adeka sealant was applied to the interlocks to provide permanent water proofing protection of the sheet piling.

The south sheeting line is only 13 feet away from a three story brick building.  In order to assure no damage would occur to this structure we drove the sheeting with our ABI because of its variable movement feature which minimizes the vibrations transmitted to adjacent structures.  The 26 belled caissons were installed with our Soilmec SR-75 drill rig to a depth of 68 feet.


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