CDOT Union Station Transit Center

Chicago, IL

  • 250 WF of Sheeting
  • 9 Soldier Piles
  • ≈550' of Waler
  • 20 Struts

The Union Station Transportation Center is located on the south side of Jackson Boulevard between Canal Street and Clinton Street.  This project included the construction of a pedestrian transfer tunnel beneath Canal Street to connect with an existing pedestrian tunnel.  The transfer tunnel is to be constructed by cut and cover methods.  It also included a smaller pit to replace contaminated soil.

This project required a 25-foot excavation immediately adjacent to Canal Street and Jackson Street.  For this excavation 30-foot steel sheets were vibrated into the ground using our ABI machine.  However, multiple unforeseen obstructions arose causing an on the fly adjustment to the earth retention installation.  One of those obstructions was a one foot thick concrete slab fifteen feet below grade that would prevent the installation of sheeting.  To counter this, innovative use of the ABI was used to drill through the obstruction to allow the installation of soldier piles and proceed with the earth retention system and leading to this projects success.


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