CTA Substation at Farwell, Hills, Orleans

Chicago, IL

  • 1,4765 LF of H-Pile
  • 64 Single Length Driven Pile
  • 9,000 SF of Sheet Pile
  • 62 Tiebacks

To increase capacity on the CTA's Red and Purple Lines, a new substation was required at Farwell Street.  The design called for the new substation to be built into the existing track embankment, this required a permanent earth retention system consisting of 9,000 SF of steel sheet pile and 62 tiebacks.  The sheet pile was installed in coordination with CTA Operations in an effort to not disrupt the scheduled service.  The work was completed on an embankment by hoisting the equipment in place and working during the nights and weekends during non-peak train hours.

In order to improve service capacity to the CTA's Red Line subway and elevated Brown Line tracks, a new substation was required at Hill and Orleans Street. The new substation building included a cable vault basement 14' below the existing grade. Stalworth Underground designed and installed a sheet pile earth retention system to support adjacent alleys, streets, and CTA elevated structure foundations.