Created in 2012 with the seed of an idea by Bud Paschen, Stalworth Underground was organized to provide specialty heavy civil and building foundation and earth retention services to the general contracting and construction management industries.

The Stalworth Mission

Strong and Sturdy. No better adjectives could sum up who we are as a company. We believe in genuine, honest engineering; cutting edge equipment; a team devoted to long term success and focused exclusively in this specialty, providing competitive, market driven products.

Core Principles

Accountability- As a company, we hold ourselves accountable for developing products, making effective decisions, and delivering results to our customers.

Commitment- Stalworth is committed to providing sound engineering designs and workable construction procedures. This commitment further includes utilizing modern installation equipment, responsive construction management and competent installation crews.


Innovation- Nurtured divergent thinking so as to spark new ways to build in conjunction with new approaches and techniques that will solve the construction challenges that make the work we do so rewarding and interesting.

Integrity- Stalworth is a team of proud professionals, in the business for the long haul. We will always strive to maintain integrity in every aspect of our business.


Diversity- The world is ever changing, diversity enhances our ability to make sound decisions from a variety of viewpoints. Therefore, Stalworth is committed to and continues to aim for diversity in all our work places – whether in the field or with our engineering and management staff.

Teamwork- No one can build a good product without the backing of a good team. We diligently involve all of our staff in every aspect of our projects; from bid to design and from design to build, with continued team involvement through the end of each project. Stalworth will always make an extra effort to keep each project team member abreast of the latest developments, utilizing the assets of each individual to produce a successful outcome. 

Critical Drivers to Stalworth's Success

Although we are a budding company, our volume has grown since our 2012 beginning to an annual volume exceeding $30 million. We believe that three guiding principles are and will continue to be the critical drivers of our success.

• Sound, innovative engineering

• The integrity of our staff

• A “Big Picture” view

Professional Staff

Stalworth's staff is a mix of well seasoned professionals, many who have devoted their entire professional careers to the deep foundation and earth retention industry. It is our intention to guide our young professionals to excellence and to mentor them for success in our industry.

The Engineering staff consists of Civil Engineering Graduates, specializing in Geotechnical Engineering. Two having a Master’s of Science Degree and one Rhodes Scholar!

The field supervision staff each began their career at the tradesman level, continually honing their technical and managerial skills. Stalworth recognizes their contributions to the team and understands the importance of empowering them as decision makers to manage their crews, equipment and installation techniques needed for their work.

  • Duncan Kopp-Richardson, P.E., Vice President-Operations
  • Kevin Prosser, Vice President-Business Development
  • Todd Sulak, Project Manager/Estimator
  • Dave Juskie, General Superintendent
  • Catrina Miller, Sr. Office Manager
  • Cesar Rojas, Project Manager
  • Hannah Blomberg, Project Engineer
  • Tomas Citta, Project Engineer
  • Shifra Feldman, Project Engineer
  • Steven Nowak, Project Engineer
  • Pat Wolf, Superintendent
  • Rick Bartelt, Superintendent
  • Randy Abramson, Superintendent
  • Mike Wallace, Superintendent
  • Kevin Jennings, Superintendent
  • Dillon Ryle, Drafter
  • Cassi Grindel, Administrative Assistant
  • Tiara Miller, Office Clerk